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Larger than life

Robert L. Gloor
Robert L. Gloor, '95

Larger than Life

By Karen West

Robert “Bob” Gloor was pleased to provide a leadership gift to the Department of Theatre and Dance during the campus’ first capital campaign, which began in 1995. He felt the gift was a way to honor his father’s memory, while helping the department he held dear…the one which provided him with his second baccalaureate degree, in 1996 – after his retirement.

Providing the resources for the Walter Gloor Mainstage Series (named after his dad) and the scholarships it generated for so many students gave him great pleasure.

Giving to SUNY Fredonia

Planned gifts play a critical role in SUNY Fredonia’s success. We are forever grateful for this commitment and honor those who remember the university in this way with special recognition as a member of the Dallas K. Beal Legacy Society.

Our Planned Giving program encourages alumni and friends to consider supporting Fredonia through a variety of planned gifts. These can come in the form of bequests, paid-up life insurance, charitable gift annuities, charitable trusts and retirement plan gifts.

Planned gifts provide a way for donors to fulfill philanthropic objectives, establish a legacy, and often receive attractive benefits at the same time. How the money is used is up to you. You can also establish a fund that carries your name or honors someone in your life or the memory of a loved one.

One of the many fulfilling aspects of gift planning is the satisfaction derived from tailoring a gift so that it creates a circle of benefits, and you can direct your gift in many ways. For example, you might establish an endowed fund to support scholarships.

You could initiate a new program or support an existing one. You can provide funds to a department. Or you might simply want your gift to be unrestricted and used to meet the university’s changing needs.

We are happy to discuss ways you can make your gift meaningful to you, and we look forward to welcoming you as a member of this very special group.

New Charitable Gift Annuity Rates
Have Gone Into Effect

In this uncertain economy, one thing is for sure: the stability of a Charitable Gift Annuity (CGA) with the Fredonia College Foundation!

If you would like to make a donation and supplement your income during retirement, consider a charitable gift annuity. In exchange for your gift, the foundation makes
payments to you and/or your designee – for life.

The rate of payment is determined by the ages of those receiving payments at the time of the contribution – the older the recipients, the higher the rate.

Payment rates are locked in for the duration of the gift annuity.

To learn more or to see a personalized illustration of how a Charitable Gift Annuity could benefit you contact Betty (Catania) Gossett, Associate Vice President for University Development, at (716) 673-3321.


I know this because I was the fundraiser who suggested it. I was also his wife.

I observed his profound satisfaction with his decision. As a young man, Bob earned his first degree in biology from Cornell University. While he cared about Cornell, so much so that he funded a group study room in its College of Agriculture and Life Sciences’ library (also named for his dad), Bob had a lifelong passion for live theatre, and he recognized the impact that a gift would have on Fredonia.

Bob’s experiences in the Department of Theatre and Dance captured his heart and enriched his life in more ways than I can explain. He marveled at the way the students fully embraced him, never making him feel like the “odd man out.” It meant the world to him – and as we heard time and again from his many friends at Rockefeller Arts Center after his tragic passing in February, Bob meant the world to them too.

Bob was always thrilled to meet “his” scholarship recipients. He eagerly anticipated seeing them in Mainstage productions and watching them mature as performers and adults. He often told our friends, and the students themselves, that their performances were as good as or better than those we had seen in professional venues. I always agreed.

The mechanics of Bob’s gift were simple. His pledge included cash gifts spread over several years, with the remainder incorporated into his estate. By committing to his gift and providing some resources while he was still alive, he had the joy of seeing the outcomes of his philanthropy: meeting the recipients and proudly seeing his dad’s name associated with something that truly made a difference in many people’s lives.

At the same time, he knew the Fredonia College Foundation would be a good steward of his bequest, and that theatre and dance programs would have the much-needed resources to continue to grow and strengthen the program once he passed.

That day came far sooner than any of us expected or wanted, and it was a devastating experience for all who knew and loved Bob. Yet, his loss has been made more tolerable with the knowledge of all the good he did while he was still with us, and that which will continue for decades to come, thanks to his decision to follow his heart and make a difference at SUNY Fredonia.

If you would like to do the same for the department or major which influenced your life, I would welcome your call at (716) 673-3321 or email me at

posted @ Friday, August 19, 2011 2:20 PM by Christine Davis Mantai

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