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And the Emmy goes to… TWO Fredonians!

Left: Rob McIntyre, ’04 (Communication-Video/Audio Production)
Right: Molly McKinney, ’08 (Communication)

by Alexandria Shanahan, ’13

Fredonia grads Rob McIntyre, ’04 (Communication-Video/Audio Production), and Molly McKinney, ’08 (Communication), have already earned what many in the television industry strive for throughout their careers: an Emmy award. These young alumni are off to a fast start in a highly competitive industry, and they show no signs of slowing down anytime soon.

At just 31, Mr. McIntyre won his first Daytime Emmy Award in 2012 for his sound editing work on Nickelodeon’s computer-animated series, “Kung Fu Panda: Legends of Awesomeness.”

Rob began his journey at Fredonia as a Music Education major, but he quickly discovered his interest in sound design after taking a communication course taught by present Department Chair Kathleen McDonough.

“When I realized that (music education) wasn’t for me, I felt like I was looking for my place,” states McIntyre. “Taking ‘Rhetoric of Vision and Sound’ really opened a new world for me.”

Despite straying from his initial path, being involved with both departments proved to be an advantage to Rob in his career. He was able to take his musical skills and convert them into sound design for films and television.

“My time in both departments was equally beneficial,” Rob attests. “I really loved the individual attention I got from the professors and my advisors such as (video professor) Jane Jackson, (percussion professor) Kay Stonefelt and Dr. McDonough.”

Today, while this Emmy-winning professional sound designer’s career has taken off, he con-tinues to stay connected with the college.

“Rob is a dedicated and caring mentor,” states McDonough. “He has taken Fredonia students under his wing as interns and gives them the best experience possible.”

One of those mentees is Jessica Drake, ’10, ’13 (Interdisciplinary Studies/Music Business), who is now a colleague of Rob’s and shared in their 2013 nomination in the same category. Ms. Drake was also nominated in 2013 for the Motion Picture Sound Editors Golden Reel Award for her work on Nickelodeon’s “SpongeBob SquarePants.” McIntyre earned a similar nomination in 2012 for his work on “Kung Fu Panda.”

One day, Rob hopes to return to his alma mater to share his experiences and knowledge with current students.

“In a perfect world, I’d love to come back and teach at Fredonia,” says Rob. “I still have to figure out that whole master’s degree thing, but maybe they’ll have me someday!”

Ms. McKinney began her TV career long before she took her first course at SUNY Fredonia. At just 9 years of age, she landed a role on the nationally syndicated children’s television program, “Aqua Kids,” which teaches kids about the diversity of marine life and aquatic environments. She continued to work with the show for over a decade — and throughout her Fredonia career, thanks to supportive and encouraging professors.

“In my senior year of college alone, I hosted and produced over 30 ‘Aqua Kids’ episodes,” McKinney recalls. “But instead of penalizing me, my professors did everything they could to support and encourage me to continue working in the field.”

Today, Molly is the co-host of, “NASA 360,” a TV series designed to share and spark interest in the science and technology behind the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA). This past June, one of the episodes, “Robots, Rocks and Rovers,” won a Capital Chesapeake Bay Emmy Award. But to the people who know Molly, this recent success comes as no surprise.

“From the first day I met her, I knew I was speaking with a professional,” Jackson says. “Molly has a great presence on camera and I’m sure she will continue to receive recognition for her work.”

As for the future, Molly hopes to continue working both behind the camera, producing, and in front of the camera, as a spokesperson for such companies as Lowe’s, Dollar Tree,, and TaxSlayer.

“In front of the camera, I want to continue hosting with NASA and its science programming, and serving as a corporate spokesperson,” says Molly. “Behind the camera, I have my sights set on producing fulfilling content that moves people to act.  From commercial clients to nonprofits, I love working with organizations that tell real stories.”

posted @ Tuesday, January 28, 2014 2:04 PM by Jonathan Woolson

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