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Fredonia I.D. or F Number
This is an 8-character, randomly-generated code starting with the letter F that is assigned to every individual record (student, alumnus, employee, or donor) at SUNY Fredonia.

  • It is a highly-secure, assigned USER ID, required to gain access to any record.
  • Was instituted in May 2004.
  • F Numbers were assigned retroactively to all individuals whose records were created prior to 2001.

Social Security Number:

Some records for incoming students were not matched to individual Social Security Numbers. In these cases, the SSN will NOT work as a USER ID, instead of the F Number.

If your SSN does not work, you will need to contact the Alumni Office (email us) for help.

Your Connection is the web interface to student and alumni records at SUNY Fredonia. Your Connection allows users to update and make changes to certain records, and see other records. It is not this alumni portal.


USER ID: This is the Fredonia I.D. (also called F Number). A Social Security Number may also work. Why a SSN won't work for all alumni

PIN:  This is a six-digit password you were required to set the first time you logged in to Your Connection. If you don't remember your PIN, try Forgot PIN option or you can request that we RESET your PIN.

If you have never logged in to Your Connection, you can use your six-digit birthdate (MMDDYY) as your PIN.

Forgot PIN:  The Forgot Pin button will pass you through Your Connection if you can answer the Security Question. You would have established this question the first time you logged in to Your Connection. Hopefully, you will remember the answer to this question!

PIN for first time users

First-time users always enter the six-digit birthdate as their PIN. However, there are rare instances in which we do not have a birthdate on file, and we will require your assistance in resetting a PIN.

RESET PINs are always defaulted to the individual's six-digit birthdate.

History of Your Connection and the Fredonia I.D. or F Number:

Since 2001, all students enrolled at SUNY Fredonia have been required to log in to Your Connection to register for courses. If you attended Fredonia since that date, you are a Returning User to Your Connection.

If you graduated in December 2000 or earlier, you would not have used Your Connection as a student. There is a good chance you are a first-time user, BUT articles in the STATEMENT in the early part of this decade may have caused you to log in at least once.

If you were employed at SUNY Fredonia since 2001, you would have logged in to Your Connection at least once to obtain your computer network userid and password.

Personal Information in Your Connection:

  • Fredonia I.D. ("F number")
  • Career and biographical information
  • Degree information
  • Current and past addresses and phone numbers
  • Gifts to the Fredonia College Foundation

Security Question:  This is a question you would have set the first time you logged in to Your Connection. If you are a first-time user, you will have to select your Security Question, along with your PIN, after you log in.

Locked Out from Your Connection:  A succession of three failed log in attempts OVER A COURSE OF SEVERAL SESSIONS will automatically lock your account.  We can unlock your account for you. Contact the alumni office>>

Social Security Number doesn't work:   ***Due to identity protection measures that were in place in certain years, some records for incoming students were not matched to individual Social Security Numbers. In these cases, the SSN will NOT work as a USER ID, so the F Number must be retrieved using the help of the Alumni Office.

FREDConnect is a social networking application on the Alumni & Friends Online Community that allows members to interact more directly and intimately with one another, much like FACEBOOK. Its features include:

  • Forum
  • Member Profile with photos
  • Friends
  • Private Messaging
  • Groups (public or private)


FREDConnect userid and password:   You create your own userid and password when you register on the the Alumni & Friends Online Portal. You will need to use them every time you return to the portal in order to log in.

FREDConnect Password: You will use this password every time you log in to the Alumni & Friends Online Community.

Forum:  This is an internet message board for all registered users of the SUNY Fredonia Alumni & Friends Online Community. Post messages, follow threads, reply to messages.

RESET PIN: To reset your PIN, you make a request to the Alumni Office. We will clear your old PIN and put in the six-digit birthdate that we have on file for you as your new PIN.  You will be required to enter that as your PIN, then choose a new PIN only you know.

Guide for getting in to Your Connection

This page will guide you through logging in to Your Connection (note: YOUR CONNECTION is the entryway to your official alumni and student records. It is NOT this alumni portal). Once logged in, you can directly update your personal information.

►Click on the screenshot below to open the Your Connection website in another browser. Then follow these directions using two browser windows as you proceed.


User ID:

Enter your Fredonia ID (F Number). If you do not know your Fredonia I.D., enter your Social Security Number as your User ID. Please note: You will not know if this works until you complete the process of entering your PIN>>



Your PIN depends on whether you are a returning user or a first-time user of Your Connection. Read the following bullets for help.

  • First time user?  Enter your six-digit date of birth in this format: MMDDYY.
  • Returning user?  You have already created a PIN and will need to use it. If you have any doubt about what your PIN is, we strongly suggest that you use the Forgot PIN option, and answer the Security Question you previously set. Otherwise, you risk making failed login attempts, which can lock your account.
  • Not sure?  This information may be helpful. Click here. If you are not sure whether you are a first-time user or a return user, make two attempts to log in by using both the First Time User and Returning User options. Do not attempt more than three log ins.


Possible Results
  •  Authorization Failure - Invalid User ID or PIN.

If you received the above result, there are several possible reasons:

  1. Your Social Security Number did not work because it is not matched to your alumni record. We require your assistance to enable you to log in. Please contact us>>
  2. Invalid PIN: you are a returning user and did not enter the PIN you set for yourself. Try FORGOT PIN option.
  3. Invalid PIN: you are a first-time user but your six digit birthdate did not work because we do not have your birthdate in your record. We require your assistance to enable you to log in.  Please contact us>>


  • Successful login! Main Menu Page

Click on the link to your Personal Information. You will see a list of bold links that take you to further information. One is "View Your User IDs and Passwords." Your F number is displayed here.

Browse all of your information and make updates.

Use your F number to register on FREDConnect or upgrade your registration on the FREDConnect alumni portal. Only your F number will give you access to the FREDConnect social networking tools.


Need our help?

You can always email the Alumni Office to get personal help in retrieving your Fredonia I.D. or to reset your PIN.

Include all information below that is pertinent to you:


  • Name (include all surnames possible, such as maiden name)
  • Graduation Date
  • Major


  • Name
  • Employment Dates
  • Department
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