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Donald Sutfin      Quick Comment   8/24/2009 10:16:32 PM
Class of 1988. Submitted By: Donald Sutfin

Rick Recio      Quick Comment   8/24/2009 8:46:52 PM
1983 Submitted By: Rick Recio

Marilyn Pecoraro-O'Connell      Quick Comment   8/24/2009 7:08:14 PM
Would love to hear from old friends from 1968-1972. Submitted By: Marilyn Pecoraro-O'Connell

Shirley Keddy      Quick Comment   8/24/2009 8:33:19 AM
Class of 1973 - great years - sitting in the Admin Building!!! Gave me a great start to a very happyand successful life. Submitted By: Shirley Keddy

Holly Sharpe      Quick Comment   8/23/2009 10:12:31 PM
Class of 1988 Submitted By: Holly Sharpe

Mike Layman      Quick Comment   8/23/2009 2:02:27 AM
hi Submitted By: Mike Layman

John MacKerron      Quick Comment   8/22/2009 2:52:23 PM
I would like to hear from my fellow alumni Submitted By: John MacKerron

Susan Meindl      Quick Comment   8/20/2009 2:05:16 PM
1980 Submitted By: Susan Meindl

Robert Chrispen      Quick Comment   8/20/2009 8:33:10 AM
Hello to all from class of 2001 Submitted By: Robert Chrispen

Donna D'Ambrose      Quick Comment   8/17/2009 2:24:03 PM
Anyone out there from the class of 1974 or thereabouts? Submitted By: Donna D'Ambrose

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